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Q2 - 2021

Izvrsni radovi 2021

Guberac, S.; Galic, V.; Rebekic, A.; Cupic, T.; Petrovic, S. Optimising accuracy of performance predictions using available morphophysiological information in wheat breeding germplasm Annals of Applied Biology 178 (2021) 2

Markovic, M.; Sostaric, J.; Josipovic, M.; Atilgan, A. Extreme Weather Events Affect Agronomic Practices and Their Environmental Impact in Maize Cultivation Applied Sciences-Basel 11 (2021) 16

Jelenic, J.; Cosic, J.; Velki, M.; Ilic, JEndophytic Fusarium spp. affect yield, but can they be a solution for Botrytis control in vineyard production? Fungal Ecology 54 (2021)

Zalac, H.; Burgess, P.; Graves, A.; Giannitsopoulos, M.; Paponja, I.; Popovic, B.; Ivezic, VModelling the yield and profitability of intercropped walnut systems in Croatia Agroforestry Systems (2021)

Novoselec, J.; Salavardic, Z.K. ; Samac, D.; Ronta, M.; Steiner, Z.; Sicaja, V.; Antunovic, Z . Slaughter Indicators, Carcass Measures, and Meat Quality of Lamb Fattened with Spelt (Triticum aestivum spp. Spelta L.) Foods 10 (2021) 4

Ivezic, V.; Zebec, V.; Popovic, B.; Engler, M.; Teklic, T.; Loncaric, Z.; Karalic, K. Potential of Industrial By-Products as Liming Materials and Digestate as Organic Fertilizer and Their Effect on Soil Properties and Yield of Alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) Sustainability 13 (2021) 9ž

Antunovic, Z.; Salavardic, Z.K.: Steiner, Z.; Didara, M.; Cavar, S.; Ronta, M.; Sabic, A.M.; Pavic, V.; Novoselec, J. The influence of hempseed cake on production traits, metabolic profile and antioxidant status of merinolandschaf lambs Annals of Animal Science 21 (2021) 30

Stosic, M.; Ivezic, V.; Tadic, V. Tillage systems as a function of greenhouse gas (GHG) emission and fuel consumption mitigation Environmental Science and Pollution Research 28 (2021) 13

Jozinovic, A.; Subaric, D.; Ackar, D.; Babic, J.; Orkic, V.; Guberac, S.; Milicevic, B. Food Industry By-Products as Raw Materials in the Production of Value-Added Corn Snack Products Foods 10 (2021) 5

Radocaj, D.; Jurisic, M.; Antonic, O. Determination of soil C:N suitability zones for organic farming using an unsupervised classification in eastern Croatia Ecological Indicators (2021) 123

Ivic, I.; Kopjar, M.; Jukic, V.; Bosnjak, M.; Maglica, M.; Mesic, J.; Pichler, A. Aroma Profile and Chemical Composition of Reverse Osmosis and Nanofiltration Concentrates of Red Wine Cabernet Sauvignon Molecules 26 (2021) 4

Stupin, A.; Cvetko, A.; Kralik, G.; Mihalj, M.; Susnjara, P.; Kolobaric, N.; Curic, Z.B.; Lukinac, A.M.; Kibel, A.; Selthofer-Relatic, K.; Jukic, I.; Stupin, M.; Kolar, L.; Kralik, Z.; Grcevic, M.; Galovic, O.; Mihaljevic, Z.; Matic, A.; Juranic, B.; Gornik, O.; Lauc, G.; Drenjancevic, I. The effect of n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids-enriched hen eggs consumption on IgG and total plasma protein N-glycosylation in healthy individuals and cardiovascular patients Glycobiology 31 (2021) 9

Novak, A.; Cosic, J.; Vrandecic, K.; Jurkovic, D.; Plavec, J.; Krizanac, I.; Ivic, D. Characterization of tomato leaf mould pathogen, Passalora fulva, in Croatia Journal of Plant Diseases and Protection 128 (2021) 4

Markovic, M.; Krizmanic, G.; Brkic, A.; Atilgan, A.; Japundzic-Palenkic, B.; Petrovic, D.; Barac, Z. Sustainable Management of Water Resources in Supplementary Irrigation Management Applied Sciences-Basel 11 (2021) 6

Ilic, K.; Hartl, S.; Galic, E.; Tetyczka, C.; Pem, B.; Barbir, R.; Milic, M.; Vrcek, I.V.; Roblegg, E.; Pavicic, IInteraction of Differently Coated Silver Nanoparticles With Skin and Oral Mucosal Cells Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 110 (2021) 5

Laznik, Z.; Majic, I.; Trdan, S.; Malan, A.P.; Pieterse, A.; Ross, J.L. Is Phasmarhabditis papillosa (Nematoda: Rhabditidae) a possible biological control agent against the Spanish slug, Arion vulgaris (Gastropoda: Arionidae)? Nematology 23 (2021) 5

Ben Hadda, T.; Berredjem, M.; Almalki, F.A.; Rastija, V.; Jamalis, J.; Bin Emran, T.; Abu-Izneid, T.; Esharkawy, E.; Rodriguez, L.C.; Alqahtani, A.M. How to face COVID-19: proposed treatments based on remdesivir and hydroxychloroquine in the presence of zinc sulfate. Docking/DFT/POM structural analysis Journal of Biomolecular Structure & Dynamics

Janauer, G.A.; Exler, N.; Anackov, G.; Barta, V.; Berczik, A.; Boza, P.; Dinka, M.; Georgiev, V.; Germ, M.; Holcar, M.; Hrivnak, R.; Igic, R.; Ozimec, S.; Sarbu, A.; Schmidt, B.; Schmidt-Mumm, U.; Schutz, W.; Sipos, K.; Szalma, E.; Topic, J.; Tsoneva, S.; Valachovic, M.; Valchev, V.; Vukov, D.; Zelnik, I.; Gaberscik, A. Distribution of the Macrophyte Communities in the Danube Reflects River Serial Discontinuity Water 13 (2021) 7